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Introducing Matic

The world’s most advanced floor cleaner. Your home’s best helper.

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See why Matic is simply superior tech
Meet the first truly smart home robot.
Matic senses and solves dry and wet messes — no babysitting required.
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Mopping and vacuuming — Matic does it all.

Matic’s state-of-the-art computer vision senses what’s around it, automatically switching between cleaning modes to get the job done.

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Cutting-edge mess and surface detection
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Works on all floor surfaces
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Auto-toggles between mopping and vacuuming

Learns nonstop. Cleans nonstop. No supervision necessary.

Matic’s on patrol 24/7, quietly working around the clock for a continuous clean. Watch Matic because you want to, not because you have to.

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Patrols your home with 3D floor mapping
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Knows what to clean (and what to avoid)
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Quiet enough for work time and nap time

“Hey Matic, clean this!”

Matic responds to your voice and gestures. Create a routine in the app or just point and tell Matic where to go. Your house, your rules.

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Listens to your voice and recognizes gestures
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Easy in-app scheduling
9:30 AM, living room, Vacuum

Dog back from walk.

3:00 PM, Kitchen, Mop

After school snack.

9:38 PM, Dining Room. Both

Post dinner clean.

10:27 PM, Living Room, Vacuum

Movie night.

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Messes happen.
Matic rolls into action.
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Less time cleaning, more time

playing hide-and-seek

cooking meals together

hosting game night

stargazing in the backyard

Matic saves the average family an hour a day on floor cleaning.

It’s more WALL-E than Roomba.

Matic is an absolute master at ensuring that we can feel clean floors while walking barefoot.

Phani & RamCupertino, CA

I am impressed how quiet Matic is compared to any other vacuums we’ve used — we forget it’s there.

Amrita TAustin, TX

We’re just surprised at how well it works. Matic’s fast, super quiet, and the battery life is outstanding.

Brandi & CarolineBrentwood, CA

Matic changed the game! It goes around wires and toys so effortlessly, we don’t have to pre-clean anymore.

Rahul PAustin, TX

It's a stress-free feeling, knowing that we have Matic to clean up every day!

Madhavi & JoySan Carlos, CA

It stands out from other consumer options because of the privacy it offers.

Silicon Valley legends are betting on indoor cleaning robots.

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The future of robotics comes home.

Matic was founded by two busy fathers who love technology and hate cleaning. With decades of engineering experience, they’re on a mission to solve everyday problems with remarkable robotics.

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Finally, a floor-cleaning innovation worth celebrating.

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