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What people have wrote about Matic:

“Matic Robot Vacuum Collects Dust but Not Your Personal Data”

“The Smartest Robot Vacuum I've Met”

“CES highlighted the hottest gadgets and tools, often fueled by AI”

“I watched the Matic robovac suck up a glass of milk.”

“Best Of CES 2024: Matic robot vacuum”

“A First Look at Matic, the Reengineered Robot Vacuum”

“Matic Is Here To Redefine The Robovac”

“A First Look at Matic, the Reengineered Robot Vacuum”

“Two former Google engineers have a product and a plan to fix robot vacuums”

“Matic is a $1,795 robot vacuum for people concerned about privacy”

“Matic’s robot vacuum maps spaces without sending data to the cloud”

“Taking on giants: a QA with robotic vacuum startup Matic’s co-founder Mehul Nariyawala”

“Silicon Valley Legends Are Betting on Indoor Cleaning Robots”

“Is this the future of robot vacuums?”

“The Matic robovac can clean up and mop your house – and it doesn't need you”

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